The FANUC DNC2 is a communication protocol enabling data transmission between the FANUC CNC unit and a personal computer by connecting them via the RS-232-C or RS–422 interface.

I/O Link has 1024 input points and 1024 output points as viewed from the master. I/O data is periodically transferred between the master and slaves by allotting these I/O points to each slave.

NC programs include those which are prepared by custom macro and very seldom altered and those which may differ from one another according to relevant machining such as part programs.

If the remote buffer interface is used with protocol A, the status of the remote buffer in the SAT message is always returned without specification.

This document is based on information available at the time of its publication.

This manual describes the electrical and structural specifications required for connecting the FANUC Series 0/00/0–Mate to a machine tool.

Even use of the spindle motor incorporating the position coder enables rigid tapping. In this case, the gear ratio of the spindle motor and the spindle is set by the parameter.

The a series SERVO AMPLIFIER MODULE with FSSB is used with the new optical interface FSSB. The specifications of this SVM is same that of the current SVM except for the interface. The interchangeable current SVM and SVM for FSSB have identicaI model names in the drawing numbers.

This manual provides the information required to connect a GE Fanuc North American Operator Panel to your machine tool whenever an i Series CNC is selected as the control unit. This manual provides information on mounting and connecting the Operator Panel to the machine tool and interfacing the I/O to the CNC.

This publication describes the Type II High Speed Serial Bus installation and startup procedures, when used with GE Fanuc Open CNC Software for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Similar information on other Open Systems product lines may be added in future revisions of this manual.