The following description assumes the input/output devices are ready for input/output.

The maintenance information screen is provided to record the history of maintenance performed by a service person of FANUC or machine tool builder.

The term interpolation refers to an operation in which the tool moves along a straight line or arc in the way described above.

A group of commands given to the CNC for operating the machine is called the program.

Press the SYSTEM function key on the MDI as many times as required, or alternatively, press the SYSTEM function key once, then the PARAM section display soft key.

To display a more detailed screen, press a function key followed by a soft key. Soft keys are also used for actual operations.

When machining the part using the CNC machine tool, first prepare the program, then operate the CNC machine by using the program.

In an item where both T series and M series are described, parameters having different meanings between the T series and M series and parameters that are valid only for the T or M series are indicated in two levels as shown below.

The FANUC Series 16i, 160i, 18i, 180i, 21i, and 210i are super–compact ultra–thin CNC models with built–in liquid crystal displays.

The setup program of Basic Operation Package 1 installs the English version by default.