In PROFIBUS-DP communication, two types of nodes are involved: a master station (also referred to as a DP-Master) and a slave station (also referred to as a DP-Slave)

The Ladder Editing Package is a software package that enables the use of the following PMC functions and sequence program development functions on the OPEN CNC.

After the system has been installed correctly, you can not display the system configuration screen.

Start with the setup of the Symbolic CAP T basic module. (When the basic module has already been set up, and only the optional module is to be set up, no additional setup is required for the basic module.)

The function of an CNC machine tool system depends not only on the CNC, but on the combination of the machine tool, its magnetic cabinet, the servo system, the CNC, the operator’s panels, etc.

FANUC Series 18/180 CNCs utilize the latest microprocessor technology and advanced servo technology. They have an open system interface that enables the machine tool builders to differentiate their products.

A CNC machine tool is provided with a fixed position. Normally, tool change and programming of absolute zero point as described later are performed at this position. This

This section explains the parameter input/output procedures for input/output devices connected to the reader/puncher interface.

This manual describes all optional functions. Refer to the manual provided by the machine tool builder for details of any options with which the installed machine tool is provided.

Machining programs, parameters, variables, etc. are stored in the CNC unit internal non–volatile memory.