The FL-net is an open FA network standardized by the FA Open Promotion Council (JOP) in the Manufacture, Science, and Technology Center (MSTC) Incorporated Foundation, which is an extra-governmental organization of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

DeviceNet functions cannot be used together with Profibus functions.

The Machining Status Monitor Package is designed to monitor the program operation status of CNC machines, the number of processed parts and so forth, and output log data.

The FACTOLINK function displays a work instruction on the CNC screen or transfers NC data, using the NC

This manual describes the functions related to 1-Path Lathe MANUAL GUIDE of Series 16i/18i/21i-TA.

In MANUAL GUIDE, MTB can modify the FANUC standard specification, and also can make their own features by using Custom Macro Program.

This section explains the procedures for inputting and outputting parameters on the Memory Card screen. Before parameters can be input and output, the parameters related to the input/output device must be set.

To select a function with the corresponding soft key, press the function menu key first to set soft keys to a function selection key state, and then press the desired function selection key.

Three-dimensional handle feed includes three special handle feed modes, a function for changing the tool length compensation in the longitudinal direction of the tool, and two screen display functions.

A CNC machine tool is provided with a fixed position. Normally, tool change and programming of absolute zero point as described later are performed at this position. This position is called the reference position.