Typical CENTROID “All-in-One-DC” CNC control board, reusing many stock Bridgeport components

Directly control popular Fanuc servo motors with the CENTROID AC/DC servo drive. Both AC and DC servo motors can be controlled.

Return older Fanuc equipped CNC machine tools to profitability, eliminate expensive service calls while making them easier to use, easier to program, affordable to run and reliable.

The OpticDirect interface board allows MPU11 based control systems to interface to Yaskawa Sigma 5 or Delta ASDA-A2 servo drives.

System Test is a feature that was released in software versions 8.23 (DOS) and 1.10 (CNC10).

Now available from Ajax CNC – Simple Mach 3 based plug and play CNC Control Kits

This manual describes how to install the Centroid CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system. It is strongly recommended that you follow each step in order without skipping steps.

The DC1 is a single axis DC brush motor drive. DC1 works with MPU11 motion control card based systems.

The DC3IOB is a three axis DC brush motor drive with an integrated PLC

The Mach Ajax Plugin is designed as a simple way to run a CNC machine at high speeds and low headaches.