The following table lists the manuals related to Series 16i, Series 18i, Series 21i, Series 160i, Series 180i, Series 210i, Series 160is, Series 180is, Series 210is–MODEL B.

The FANUC Series 16i, 160i, 18i, 180i, 21i, and 210i are super compact ultra thin CNC models with built in liquid crystal displays.

A CNC machine tool is provided with a fixed position. Normally, tool change and programming of absolute zero point as described later are performed at this position.

The following description assumes the input/output devices are ready for input/output.

When the software is loaded in DRAM, data in FLASH–ROM is checked and if trouble occurs, the System monitor screen is displayed. If the System monitor screen is displayed, FLASH–ROM module or main board may be faulty.

The term interpolation refers to an operation in which the tool moves along a straight line or arc in the way described above.

This manual describes the electrical and structural specifications required for connecting the FANUC Series 0i CNC control unit to a machine tool.

This manual describes all the NC functions required to enable machine tool builders to design their CNC machine tools

The following table lists the maximum strokes of machine tools that are allowed by the control unit.

Once the system has stared up normally, you can display a system configuration screen to know the types of mounted PCBs or the type of installed software.