Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

1.Display and operation
This chapter covers those items, displayed on the screen, that are related
to maintenance. A list of all supported operations is also provided at the
end of this chapter. It also presents a list of operations.
This section describes hardware configurations and presents a list of
units. It also explains how to replace units.
3.Data input/output
This chapter describes the input/output of data, including programs,
parameters, and tool compensation data.
4.Interface between the CNC and PMC
This chapter describes the PMC specifications, the system configuration,
and the signals used by the PMC.
5.Digital servo
This chapter describes the servo tuning screen and how to adjust the
reference position return position.
6.AC spindles
These chapters describe the spindle amplifier checkpoints, as well as the
spindle tuning screen.
7.Trouble shooting
This chapter describes the procedures to be followed in the event of
certain problems occurring, for example, if the power cannot be turned on
or if manual operation cannot be performed. Countermeasures to be
applied in the event of alarms being output are also described.
Description of
this manual

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