Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

When the servo unit β series is used as a slave of an I/O Link, the Power
Mate i assigns I/O addresses. The salve data is input and output in units
of 16 bytes. Therefore, 128 input/output points are necessary. Up to eight
slaves can be connected.
The module name is OC02I (16byte input) or OC02O (16byte output).
BASE is always 0, and SLOT is always 1.
After the data necessary for each slave connected is set and checked, the
communication of the Power Mate CNC manager (PMM) can be stopped
to send a command from the CNC ladder to the slave.
When the PMN bit (bit 3 of parameter 960) is set to 1, all communication
between Power Mate i and the slave via the I/O Link is open to the ladder.
While the bit is held 1, the screen shows just the title, function name, and
other items that are independent of the communication. The following
message appears to indicate that communication has stopped.
When the Power Mate CNC manager is used, the function for data
input/output by I/O Link cannot be used.
(1)Power Mate i
When a Power Mate i alarm status is detected, the screen is
automatically switched to the Power Mate i alarm screen. Check the
details of the alarm. If necessary, display and select the power motion
manager screen again by pressing function key
A guidance message is usually displayed in the message field. If a
slave alarm is detected, the corresponding slave group number is
displayed at the right end.
Display the alarm screen to check the details.
When the data protection key of the Power Mate i is turned on, parameters
cannot be input to builtin SRAM of Power Mate i.
D Connecting an I/O Link
D Ignoring the Power Mate
CNC manager function
D Data input/output by I/O
D Alarm
D Data protection key

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