Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

1 * cannot be used in item names, because it is used as
control code. [, ], (, or ) also cannot be used in item
2 When both alphanumeric and twobyte characters are
used in an item name to be registered, the warning
message DATA IS OUT OF RANGE may appear even if
the maximum allowable number of characters has not been
To erase the registered data for an item, place the cursor on the
target item name, press soft key [CLEAR], then [EXEC].
When an item name is deleted, the related service life, remaining
service time, and count type are also deleted.
(2)Remaining service time
The remaining service time of an item (the time allowed before the
item is replaced) is obtained by countdown and displayed under
Remaining service time. When the remaining service time
decreases to a specified percentage (specified in parameter No. 8911)
of the service life or lower, it is displayed in green (for a color LCD
with touch panel).
Countdown continues even after the service life has expired.
Setting is impossible on the status screen.
It should be done on the setting screen.
(3)Count status
The count status is displayed at the left of the corresponding item
number, as listed below:
Display Count status
Blank Count suspended
@ Count under way
* The service life has expired.

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