Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Green LED status display J : on and j : off
4 3 2 1 Status
J J J J The power has just been switched on.
J J J j The HSSB board is being initialized.
J J j J The HSSB is waiting for the PC to complete booting.
J J j j The CNC screen is displayed on the PC.
J j j j Startup has been completed normally, and the regular operation
is under way.
j J J j A thermal error has been detected at the intelligent terminal.
j J j J HSSBbased communication has been interrupted.
j J j j A RAM parity alarm condition has occurred in the common RAM.
j j J J A communication error has occurred.
j j J j A battery alarm condition has occurred at the PANEL i.
Highspeed serial bus setting switch, SW1
SW1 Setting
0 Specifies maintenance operation.
The start menu appears, enabling the boot and IPL operations to
be controlled from the PC.
1 Specifies regular operation.
The start menu does not appear. It is impossible to control the
boot and IPL operations from the PC.
In some versions, the setting switch SW1 is adjacent to the
connector COP7.

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