Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

[PROFIBUSDP slave board]
Color Meaning Required action
LED1 Green The software (firmware) on
the communication board
has started running after the
reset of the CPU on the
PROFIBUS slave board.
If LED1 is kept off:
1) Check the connection of
the board to the backpanel.
2) Replace the board.
LED2 Green PROFIBUS communication
has started.
This LED is not turned on in
the following cases:
D Parameters and
configuration data have
not been received.
D An illegal parameter or
configuration data has
been received.
If LED1 is on, and LED2
remains off:
1) Check the communication
2) Check the settings on the
communication master
LED3 Green Indicates whether
PROFIBUS communication
is being performed normally.
If LED1 and LED2 are on, and
LED3 remains off:
1) Check the connection of
the cable.
2) Check the communication
master status.
3) Check for noise on the
communication line.
LEDB Red A RAM parity alarm has
been issued on this board.
If this LED is turned on, replace
the board though this alarm can
sometimes be released by
turning the power off then on.
The LED indications on the PROFIBUS board differ
depending on whether the system is the Power Mate iD/H
or Series 16/18.
[PROFIBUSDP master board]
Color Description
LED1 Green Green Indicates whether the CPU of this board has been
Lit if the CPU has been released from the reset state and
The LED does not go on when the power is turned on.
LED2 Green Green Indicates whether normal communication is
Lit if normal communication is performed.
Not lit if communication is not performed.
The LED does not go on when the power is turned on.

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