Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Name RemarksSpecificationsHD
Display link terminal unit f f A02B0259D001
Display link adapter f f A02B0259C301
Handy operators panel f f A02B0211C020#R English key
f f A02B0211C020#S Symbol key
Handy operators panel f f A02B0211C050#R English key
Type B
f f A02B0211C050#S Symbol key
Monochrome LCD with touch panel f f A02B0259C211
Color LCD with touch panel f f A02B0259C212
Separate type MDI for touch panel f f A02B0236C120#MBR English key
f f A02B0236C120#MBS Symbol key
Name D H Specifications Remarks
Basic connector panel I/O module f f A03B0815C001
Branchout I/O module expansion A f f A03B0815C002
Branchout I/O module expansion B f f A03B0815C003
Branchout I/O module expansion C f f A03B0815C004
Branchout I/O module expansion D f f A03B0815C005
FSSB I/O module basic unit f f A02B0236C211
FSSB I/O module expansion unit f f A02B0236C212
Separate detector interface unit,
basic unit
f f A02B0236C203
Separate detector interface unit,
additional unit
f A02B0236C204
Analog servo interface unit, basic
f f A02B0259C180
Analog servo interface unit,
expansion unit
f A02B0259C181
Handy machine operators panel f f A02B0259C221#A
Interface unit f f A02B0259C220
Other Units

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