Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

The DeviceNet board must be dismounted from and mounted on the
control unit according to the procedure described below.
To dismount and mount the DeviceNet board, it is necessary
to remove the base printedcircuit board in advance by
following the dismounting procedure described in Section
2.6.1. Carefully observe the CAUTION described in Section
(1)Removing the DeviceNet connector terminal board
The terminal board of the interface connector of the DeviceNet board
can be removed with the cable left attached to the connector. Loosen
the two screws as shown in the figure below, then pull out the terminal
board toward you.
DeviceNet board
Base printedcircuit
The terminal board of this connector must be removed
before the base printedcircuit board can be dismounted.
(2)Dismounting the base printedcircuit board
Before dismounting the DeviceNet board, dismount the base
printedcircuit board.
For how to dismount the base printedcircuit board, see Section 2.6.1.
The base printedcircuit board must be dismounted before
the DeviceNet board can be dismounted. An attempt to
dismount the DeviceNet board without dismounting the
base printedcircuit board causes the DeviceNet board to
interfere with the base printedcircuit board, which may
damage the board.
(3)Dismounting the DeviceNet board
After dismounting the base printedcircuit board, dismount the
DeviceNet board. For how to dismount the DeviceNet board, see
Section 2.6.4.
Methods for
Dismounting and
Mounting the
DeviceNet Board
Dismounting the
DeviceNet board

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