Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

(1)The CRT control PC board that is behind the MDI keyboard can be
seen from the rear of the setting and display unit with MDI or separate
type MDI. Remove the CRT control PC board as in 2.6.8 above.
(2)Remove the two connectors from the back of the keyboard.
(3)Remove the four studs from the back of the keyboard.
(4)Since the MDI keyboard has no setscrews, the keyboard can be
removed at this point.
(5)Mount a new keyboard, and secure it with four studs.
(6)Reconnect the two cables of the CRT control PC board.
CRT control PC board
MDI keyboard
(1)Turn off the power to the LCD with touch panel.
(2)Remove the 4 nuts that fasten the protection plate on the rear of the
LCD with touch panel.
(3)Remove all cables from the printedcircuit board. Make sure that the
PCR connector is indicated with the mating connector, so you will not
have difficulty in attaching it again.
(4)Remove the 4 screws that fasten the control printedcircuit board for
the LCD with touch panel.
(5)The control printedcircuit board is connected directly with an
inverter printedcircuit board above it, using a connector. Take out the
control printedcircuit board carefully by pulling it down.
(6)Set the rotary switch SWR1 and setting pins STM1 and STM2 on a
replacing printedcircuit board to the same states as their counterparts
on the printedcircuit board to be replaced. (Note that the setting pin
TSTTM is not shorted.)
(7)Insert the control printedcircuit board into the connector by pushing
it up toward the inverter printedcircuit board, and fasten the screws.
Replacing the MDI
Replacing the
Printedcircuit Board
for the LCD with Touch

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