Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Before replacing a blown fuse, it is necessary to remove the
cause of the blown fuse. For this reason, only the personnel
who have a working knowledge of maintenance and safety
are allowed to carry out this work. When replacing a fuse
with the cabinet open, be careful not to touch the
highvoltage circuit section (marked and shielded with
a shock hazard prevention cover). If you touch the
highvoltage circuit section when it is uncovered, you will
get an electric shock.
This section describes the replacement of the Power Mate controller fuse.
This section applies to the Power Mate controller.
The Power Mate i control unit is equipped with a 24 VDC power input
fuse (FUS1). If the fuse has blown, LEDM2 (red LED) lights provided
that 24 VDC is supplied to the control unit.
While referring to Section 2.6.1, pull out the base printedcircuit board,
and replace the fuse on the base printedcircuit board. The fuse is located
beside the power connectors CP1 and CP2.
2.7.1 Capacity and part number of Power Mate controller fuse
Name Capacity Part number
FUS1 5.0A A02B0124K101
When the fuse is replaced, it is necessary to pull out the
base printedcircuit board a little. Observe the CAUTION
described in Section 2.6.1.
The Power Mate
Controller Fuse

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