Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

This subsection applies to the CRT control printedcircuit board installed
in the setting display unit. The table below lists the drawing number of
the CRT/MDI control PCB. The CRT control PCB is mounted on the
back of the CRT/MDI, LCD/MDI, CRT/MDI for picture display,
detachable LCD/MDI, detachable LCD/MDI type B, separate MDI, or
separate type MDI for picture display.
2.7.2 (a) CRT control PCB drawing number
Drawing number
CRT control PCB A20B2000084*
The CRT control PCB contains a +24 V power input fuse, FU1. If nothing
appears on the screen when +24 V power is supplied to the CRT control
PCB, fuse FU1 may have blown. In such a case, remove the fuse from
its socket, then check its continuity using a multimeter (or visually check
whether it has blown). If the fuse has blown, investigate the cause, take
appropriate action, then replace the fuse. The capacity, part number, and
location of the fuse are as follows:
2.7.2 (b) Capacity and part number of CRT control PCB fuse
Name Capacity Part number
FU1 3.2A A02B0124K102
Fuse FU1 (3.2 A)
The CRT Control PCB

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