Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Using other than the recommended battery may result in the
battery exploding.
Replace the battery only with the specified type
1 Replace the batteries for absolute pulse coder when servo
amplifier power is ON.
Replacing the batteries with power OFF causes the
absolute position stored in memory to be lost.
2 When your machine is equipped with a separate battery
case, follow the instructions in 2.8.4.
Absolute pulse coder battery replacement
When replacing the memory backup batteries, keep the
power to the machine (Servo amplifier) switched on, and
hold the machine at an emergency stop. Because this work
must be carried out while the power is kept switched on and
the cabinet is open, only the personnel who have been
trained for safety are allowed to engage in the work. When
replacing the batteries, be careful not to touch the
highvoltage circuit section (marked and shielded with
a shock hazard prevention cover). If you touch the
highvoltage circuit section when it is uncovered, you will
get an electric shock.
Prepare lithium battery A02B0168K111(*) in advance.
(*) FANUC specification: A98L00310011
Replacing Batteries for
Absolute Pulse Coder
(Servo Amplifier β

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