Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

(8) The manufacturer of the LCD can be identified by the way its
backlight lid is mounted.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Remove the 3 latches from the left side and then the lid. (See Fig.
2.9.1 (b).)
Sharp Corp
Remove the 3 screws from the left side and then the lid. (See Fig.
2.9.1 (c).)
(9) Replace the backlight inside the LCD with a new one.
(10)To assemble, reverse this procedure.
control printed
circuit board
Screw mentioned
in (6)
7.2 monochrome
printedcircuit board
Backlight power
supply cable
mentioned in (6)
Fig. 2.9.2 Rear view of the detachableLCD metal plate
This subsection applies to the replacement of the backlight of the
detachable LCD/MDI type B.
Table 2.9.3(a) Specification of detachable LCD/MDI type B
Name Specification
Detachable LCD/MDI type B A02B0166C291#R
There are two types of backlights for the 8.4 color LCD for the
detachable LCD/MDI type B. Each type of backlight is provided as a
spare part. Select an appropriate type.
Table 2.9.3(b) Specification of backlight
Spare part specification Specification of backlight
A02B0259K111 A61L00010162#BL
(1)Turn off the power to the detachable LCD/MDI type B, and wait for
a while.
Replacing the
Backlight of
Detachable LCD/MDI
Type B

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