Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

(2)Remove the 10 screws from the rear of the detachable LCD/MDI type
B, and then take out the metal plate on which the CRT control
printedcircuit board and power supply are mounted. (Be careful
because the metal plate is connected with main unit through cables.)
(3)Remove the connectors JA1 and JA2 from the CRT control
printedcircuit board, and the connector CN1 from the power supply.
(4)Remove the backlight power supply cable and LCD cable from the
8.4 color LCD printedcircuit board. (See Fig. 2.9.3.)
(5)Remove the 4 nuts from the metal plate fastening the 8.4 color LCD
printedcircuit board, and then take out the printedcircuit board by
pulling it up. (See Fig. 2.9.3.)
(6)If the backlight is an Lshaped type, remove the 2 screws, and then
take it out by pulling down the case of the backlight and shifting it a
little to the left. (See Fig. 2.9.3.)
If the backlight is a rod type, remove the 3 screws from the left side,
and then open the lid. (See Fig. 2.9.3.)
(7)Replace the backlight inside the case with a new one.
(8)To assemble, reverse this procedure. When installing the metal plate
for fastening the 8.4 color LCD printedcircuit board, pay attention
to the MDI cable.
Nut mentioned
in (5)
Nut mentioned
in (5)
Backlight power
supply cable
board for
board for
LCD cable
Fig. 2.9.3 Inside of the detachable LCD box

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