Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

(3)Horizontal position adjustment
Switch SW1
This switch is factoryset and normally need not be adjusted by the
user. If the setting is changed by mistake, readjust it according to the
following procedure.
(a) Switch SW1 is used to move the display horizontally in units of
(b)Set the switch to the point between 8 and B where the entire display
is visible.
(c) The default setting is 9.
If the ambient temperature is low, the brightness of the LCD
decreases (immediately after the power is turned on, in
particular). This is due to the characteristics of the LCD, and
does not indicate a fault. As the ambient temperature rises,
the LCD becomes brighter.
(1)Check that the power supply is off.
(2)Disconnect the CRT unit power cable and the video signal cable.
(3)Remove the chloridized veneer cover and the four screws from the
front of the CRT unit.
(4)Install the new CRT unit.
(5)Reconnect the CRT power supply cable and video signal cable to their
original positions.
9 monochrome CRT
Fig. 2.9.7 Replacing the CRT display
The CRT Display

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