Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Fine adjustment of the video signal is supported to enable its use with
plasma displays of separate type PDP. This adjustment is necessary to
compensate for errors resulting from the combination of NC devices and
Adjustment of the video signal is necessary if you have replaced the
display unit, cable, or a hardware component of the display circuit in the
NC, either as part of regular field maintenance or the correct a failure.
Plasma display (real view)
Eliminating flicker
Switch TM1
If flicker occures, change the TM1 setting to another setting.
Normally one of these settings will eliminate flicker.
Adjusting the horizontal position
Switch SW1
(1)The screen can be shifted horizontally in units of dots.
(2)Adjust the horizontal position such that the entire screen is visible.
Only one setting can successfully realize this positioning.
1 Do not attempt to change any controls or settings other than
those described above.
If any controls or settings other than those described above
are changed, the appearance of the display will be
2 The plasma display unit cannot be switched between the
Power Mate and other NC units, because its cable length or
kind of NC requires careful adjustment.
Adjusting the Separate
Type PDP
Locations of switches
and jumper pins

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