Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

The touch panel is operated by directly touching the LCD screen. For this
operation, be sure to use a FANUCsupplied pen (A02B0236K111)
dedicated to the touch panel. If a sharppointed pen is used, for example,
to touch the LCD screen, the LCD surface may be flawed or damaged.
Moreover, do not touch the LCD screen directly with a finger. Otherwise,
the operability of the LCD may deteriorate, and the LCD screen may get
The LCD with a touch panel has a protection sheet attached on the front
to protect the thin film of the touch panel and LCD.
When replacing the protection sheet with a new one, use the procedure
D Remove the old protection sheet from the front of the LCD screen.
Wipe off any moisture and oil on the front of the LCD screen.
D Peel off the white protection sheet attached to the back side (which is
adhered to the LCD screen) of a new protection sheet.
D When the white protection sheet is removed, the new protection sheet
is adhesive on its periphery. Attach the new protection sheet to the
front of the LCD screen. At this time, be careful not to allow dust and
dirt between the protection sheet and the LCD screen.
D Peel off the protection film attached to the front of the protection sheet.
The ordering information of a protection sheet for replacement is as
For the 10.4 LCD: A02B0236K110
LCD with Touch Panel
LCD with a touch panel
Protection sheet of the
touch panel

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