Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

PM iHPM iDAddressSignal nameSymbol
MCFNA Power line switch completion signals (serial spindle) G071#3 f
MD1,MD2,MD4 Mode selection signals G043#0 to #2 f f
MD1O Software operators panel signal (MD1) F073#0 f f
MD2O Software operators panel signal (MD2) F073#1 f f
MD4O Software operators panel signal (MD4) F073#2 f f
MDTCH1 to MDTCH8 Controlled axis detach status signals F110 f f
MEAS0 to MEAS7 Measure signals G244 f
MEDT Operation mode check signal F003#6 f f
MF Miscellaneous function strobe signal F007#0 f f
MF2 2nd M function strobe signal F008#4 f f
MF3 3rd M function strobe signal F008#5 f f
MF4 4th M function strobe signal F008#6 f
MF5 5th M function strobe signal F008#7 f
MFIN Miscellaneous function completion signal G005#0 f f
MFIN2 2nd M function completion signal G004#4 f f
MFIN3 3rd M function completion signal G004#5 f f
MFIN4 4th M function completion signal G004#6 f
MFIN5 5th M function completion signal G004#7 f
Spindle switch MAIN MCC contact status signals
(serial spindle)
G072#6 f
MI1 to MI8 Mirror image signals G106 f f
MJ Operation mode check signal F003#2 f f
MLK Allaxis machine lock signal G044#1 f f
MLK1 to MLK8 Axis machine lock signal G108 f f
MLKO Software operators panel signal (MLK) F075#4 f f
MMDI Operation mode check signal F003#3 f f
MMI1 to MMI8 Mirror image check signals F108 f f
Magnetic sensor orientation completion signals
(serial spindle)
F046#6 f
Magnetic sensor orientation proximity signals (serial
F046#7 f
Magnetic sensor orientation command signals
(serial spindle)
G073#0 f

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