Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

PM iHPM iDAddressSignal nameSymbol
SPSLA Spindle selection signals (serial spindle) G071#2 f
SRLNI0 to SRLNI3 Group number specification signals G091#0 to #3 f f
SRLNO0 to SRLNO3 Group number output signals F178#0 to #3 f f
SRVA CCW command signals (serial spindle) G070#4 f
SSIN Spindle motor command polarity selection signal G033#6 f
SSTA Speed zero signals (serial spindle) F045#1 f
ST Cycle start signal G007#2 f f
STL Cycle start lamp signal F000#5 f f
SUP1 to SUP8 Acceleration/deceleration signals F220 f f
SVER1 to SVER8 Servo position deviation monitor signal F222 f f
SVF1 to SVF8 Servo off signals G126 f f
SW1 to SW61 Handy operators panel key output signal F168 to F175 f f
SYNC1 to SYNC8 Simple synchronous axis selection signals G138 f f
Simple synchronous manual feed axis selection
G140 f f
T00 to T31 Tool function code signals F026 to F029 f f
TAP Tapping signal F001#5 f
TF Tool function strobe signal F007#3 f f
TFIN Tool function completion signal G005#3 f f
TLMA Torque limit signals (serial spindle) F045#6 f
TLMHA Torque limit command HIGH signals (serial spindle) G070#1 f
TLMLA Torque limit command LOW signals (serial spindle) G070#0 f
TMRON Generalpurpose integrating meter start signal G053#0 f f
TRQ10 to TRQ87 Torque limit signals G217 to G224 f f
TRQ1E to TRQ8E Torque limit enable signals G216 f f
TRQM1 to TRQM8 Torque control mode signal (PMC axis control) F190 f f
UI000 to UI015 Input signals for custom macro G054,G055 f f
UINT Interrupt signal for custom macro G053#3 f f
UO000 to UO015 F054,F055 f f
UO100 to UO131
Output signals for custom macro
F056 to F059 f f
WAT1 to WAT4 Wait signal F209#0, #3 f f
WFN1 to WFN4 Wait completion signal G214#0 to #3 f f
WVRDY VREADY waiting signal F209#4 f f

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