Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

(7)Number of velocity pulses and position pulses
1) For serial pulse coder A or B, or serial a pulse coder
Increment system : 1/1000mm Increment system : 1/10000mm
Closed loop Semiclosed loop Closed loop Semiclosed loop
High resolution setting 2000 xxxx xxx 0 xxxx xxx 1
Separate detector 1815 0010 0010 0010 0000 0010 0010 0010 0000
No. of velocity feedback pulses 2023 8192 819
No. of position feedback pulses 2024 NS 12500 NS/10 1250
1 NS is the number of position feedback pulses per one
revolution of the motor (multiplied by four)
2 Even if the system employs a closed loop, bit 3 of parameter
2002 is 1 and bit 4 is 0.
(8)Reference counter
1821 Reference counter capacity for each axis (0 99999999)
Turn off the power then back on.
(9)FSSB display and setting screen
Connecting the control unit to servo amplifiers via a highspeed
serial bus (FANUC Serial Servo Bus, or FSSB), which uses only one
fiber optics cable, can significantly reduce the amount of cabling in
machine tool electrical sections.
Axis settings are calculated automatically according to the
interrelationships between axes and amplifiers entered on the FSSB
setting screen. Parameter Nos. 1023, 1905, 1910 to 1919, 1936, and
1937 are specified automatically according to the results of the
The FSSB setting screen displays FSSBbased amplifier and axis
information. This information can also be specified by the operator.
(This function cannot be used with the twopath control function of the
Power Mate iD.)
1. Press function key
2. To display [FSSB], press continuous menu key
several times.
3. Pressing soft key [FSSB] causes the AMP SET screen (or the
previously selected FSSB setting screen) to appear, with the following
soft keys displayed.
D Display

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