Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Check whether the motor ratated more than one rotation
(one rotation signal is issued ) at faster than 128 pulses
of position error amount.
Rotated ?
Return start position is too close
· Chagne the return start position.
· Move the machine at faster that 128
pulses for more than one rotation to
wards RP.
Check that voltage of pulse coder is higher than 4.75 V.
To measure pulse coder voltage, remove the motor cover and measure on
pulse coder PCB at across + and or +5V and 0V terminals.
More than 4.75V
Hardware failure
Pulse coder is faulty
Change pulse coder or motor
Pulse coder power voltage is low
· Caused by wire resistance
check wire material
(resistance shall be 0.5W or
less in both ways to restrict
voltage drop.)
· Power Mate power supply is
Change the base PC board .
After the pulse coder or motor is exchanged, reference
position or machines standard point may be different from
former one. Please set it correctly.
A speed more than 128 pulses is required because if speed is lower that
this, onerotation signal does not function stably, causing improper
position detection.
If bit 0 of parameter No. 2000 is set to 1, a speed corresponding to a
positional deviation of 1280 pulses or more is required.
Parameter No. 1836 can be set to 128 or less, as the minimum positional
deviation with which reference position return is possible. (If the
parameter is set to 0, 128 is assumed as the minimum positional deviation.
If bit 0 of parameter No. 2000 is set to 1, a value equal to ten times the
set value is used for checking.)
D Reference

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