Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Reform the following countermeasures based on the above
(1)SPE=1 : In spindle serial control, the serial spindle parameters
does not satisfy the starting conditions for spindle
Confirm the settings of parameters 4000s.
Especially checks the parameters those are changed from the standard
(2)S1E=1 : When an abnormality is found in the spindle at the start
of serial spindle control, exchange the unit if the
following check items are not concerned.
Check the parameters and connections at the spindle to see whether the
1st spindle is mechanically and electrically connected.
If the above setting and connection are normal, it is likely that the base
printedcircuit board or spindle amplifier is defective.
(3)SHE=1 : If an error is detected in the serial communication section
of the Power Mate, it is necessary to replace the base
printedcircuit board.
When the base printedcircuit board is replaced, all data in
the memory will be lost because the memory module is
dismounted. Reset up the data by referring to Chapter 3.

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