Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Number ContentsMessage
087 BUFFER OVERFLOW When entering data in the memory by using Reader / Puncher interface,
though the read terminate command is specified, input is not interrupted
after 10 characters read. I/O unit or base P.C.B. of Power Mate i is
defective. See Chapter 7.
The reference position return cannot be performed normally because
the reference position return start point is too close to the reference
position or the speed is too slow. Separate the start point far enough
from the reference position, or specify a sufficiently fast speed for
reference position return. Alternatively, it is impossible to make a zero
point return because alarm 309 has been issued. See Chapter 7.
The commanded axis by G27 (Reference position return check) did not
return to the reference position.
The reference position external setting cannot be performed because
the reference position external setting signal is set to 1 in the following
1) When the jog feed mode (JOG) is not selected.
2) When the jog feed mode (JOG) is selected, however the signal ZRN
is 0.
3) When the emergency stop signal ESP is 0.
4) When the parameter APC No.1815 bit 5 is 0.
With an absolute pulse coder, a reference point is set up even if the
reference point external setting signal is set to 1 during movement. In
this case, however, axis movement does not stop even if the reference
point is set up.
100 PARAMETER WRITE ENABLE On the PARAMETER(SETTING) screen, PWE(parameter writing
enabled) is set to 1. Set it to 0, then reset the system.
101 PLEASE CLEAR MEMORY The power turned off while rewriting the memory by program edit
operation. If this alarm has occurred, press <RESET> while pressing
<PROG>, and only the program being edited will be deleted.
Register the deleted program.
110 DATA OVERFLOW The absolute value of fixed decimal point display data exceeds the
allowable range. Modify the program.
111 CALCULATED DATA OVERFLOW The result of calculation result is out of the allowable range.
to 10
, 0, and 10
to 10
Check and correct the calculation or data.
112 DIVIDED BY ZERO Division by zero was specified. (including tan 90°)
Check and correct the calculation formula.
113 IMPROPER COMMAND A function which cannot be used in custom macro is commanded.
Modify the program.
114 FORMAT ERROR IN MACRO There is an error in other formats than <Formula>.
Modify the program.
115 ILLEGAL VARIABLE NUMBER A value not defined as a variable number is designated in the custom
Modify the program.
116 WRITE PROTECTED VARIABLE The left side of substitution statement is a variable whose substitution
is inhibited. Modify the program.
118 PARENTHESIS NESTING ERROR The nesting of bracket exceeds the upper limit (quintuple).
Modify the program.
119 ILLEGAL ARGUMENT The SQRT argument is negative, BCD argument is negative, or other
values than 0 to 9 are present on each line of BIN argument.
Modify the program.

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