Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

(3) Alarm messages (For EDIT)
Message Contents and solution
ADDRESS BIT NOTHING The address of the relay/coil is not set.
FUNCTION NOT FOUND There is no functional instruction of the input number.
COM FUNCTION MISSING The funcitonal instruction COM (SUB29) is not correctly dealt with.
Correspondence of COM and COME (SUB29) is incorrect.
Or, the number of coil controlled by COM is specified by the model which the number
cannot be specified.
EDIT BUFFER OVER There in no empty area of the buffer for the editing.
(solution) Please reduce NET under editing.
END FUNCTION MISSING Functional instruction END1,END2,END3 and END do not exist. Or, there are error net
Or, order of END1,END2,END3, and END is not correct.
ERROR NET FOUND There is an error net.
ILLEGAL FUNCTION NO. The wrong number of the functional instruction is searched.
FUNCTION LINE ILLEGAL The functional instruction is not correctly connected.
HORIZONTAL LINE ILLEGAL The horizontal line of the net is not connected.
ILLEGAL NET CLEARED Because the power had been turn off while editing LADDER, some net under editing
was cleared.
ILLEGAL OPERATION Operation is not correct.
The value is not specified and only INPUT key was pushed.
The address data is not correctly inputted.
Because the space to display the instruction on screen is not enough, the functional
instruction cannot be made.
SYMBOL UNDEFINED The symbol which was inputted is not defined.
INPUT INVALID There is an incorrect input data.
Nonnumerical value was inputted with COPY, INSLIN,CUP,CDOWN etc.
The input address was specified for write coil.
An illegal character was specified for the data table.
NET TOO LARGE The input net is larger than the editing buffer.
(solution) Please reduce the net under editing.
JUMP FUNCTION MISSING The functional instruction JMP(SUB10) is not correctly dealt with.
Correspondence of JMP and JMPE(SUB30) is incorrect.
The number of coil to jump is specified by the model which the number of coil cannot
specified. (It is possible to specify the coil number only on PMCSB/SC.)
LADDER ILLEGAL There is an incorrect LADDER.
IMPOSSIBLE WRITE You try to edit sequence program on the FROM.
OBJECT BUFFER OVER The sequence program area was filled.
(solution) Please reduce the LADDER.
PARAMETER NOTHING There is no parameter of the functional instruction.
PLEASE COMPLETE NET The error net was found in LADDER.
(solution) After correcting the error net, please continue operating.

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