Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

The Power Mate i system software (basic functions, servo, and PMC) are
stored in the FROM (flash ROM).
The boot system load the system software (FROMDRAM), then starts
it so that system software can be executed.
The boot system provides the following maintenance functions for the
Power Mate i:
(1)Registering a file in FROM
· Reads a file from a memory card, in FAT format, into FROM.
(2)Checking a file (series and edition) in FROM
(3)Deleting a file from FROM
(4)Batch saving and restoration of files of parameters and programs
backed up by battery (SRAM area), to and from a memory card
(5)Saving a file in FROM to a memory card
(6)Formatting of a memory card
(7)Deleting a file from a memory card
This chapter describes the activation of the boot system, as well as the
screen displays and operation for the functions listed above.
Memory cards can be used as an input/output device for the
Power Mate. Before attempting to insert or remove a
memory card, however, ensure that the power is turned off.
For the boot system, SRAM memory cards (only those specified by
FANUC) and flash memory cards can be used. For data backup, use a
flash memory card.
Use an Intel Series 2 flash memory card.
Recommended: 4MB
FANUC specification A02B0259K201
· Compatible with A87L00010153#4M used in the
Power MateH.
· A87L00010133#256, 512, and 1024 used in the
Power MateD cannot be used in the Power Mate i.

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