Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

FANUCspecified flash memory card, the SRAM memory card, and the
ATA card can be used as a data exchanging media for CNC unit.
The memory card is easy to use and a data exchanging media which can
be input and output data with high speed, and you should take care of
operation for the memory card.
This manual describes operating procedure and advice for the memory
SRAM cards
D Type 1 and Type 2 of Japan Electronic Industry Development
Association (JEIDA) version 4.0 or later
D Type 1 and Type 2 of Personal Computer Memory Card International
Association (PCMCIA) version 2.0 or later
D PC Card Standard
SRAM cards that comply with one of the above standards can be used.
Note that, however, SRAM cards operating only with a 3.3V power
supply cannot be inserted physically, so they cannot be used.
FANUCspecified SRAM cards of which operation has been proven by
FANUC are listed below.
256KB SRAM card Fujitsu Media Device MB98A9082320
512KB SRAM card Fujitsu Media Device MB98A9092320
1MB SRAM card Fujitsu Media Device MB98A9102320
2MB SRAM card Fujitsu Media Device MB98A9112320
Flash memory card
Intels series 2 flash memory card (or an equivalent product) can be used.
In the same way as with SRAM cards, flash memory cards that can operate
only on 3.3 V cannot be physically inserted, so they cannot be used.
Generally, a flash memory card containing a flash memory chip other than
Intels flash memory cannot be used. When such a memory card has been
formatted or written by a personal computer or the like, however, it may
be possible to read the memory card with the Power Mate i.
The operation of the following FANUCspecified flash memory card has
been confirmed by FANUC.
4MB flash memory card Fujitsu Media Device IMC004FLSA
ATA card
See Appendix D.8.

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