Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

S Chapter 3 Input and Output of Data
With the following functions, it is impossible to perform data
input/output on the PCMCIA card interface of the LCD with touch panel.
S Boot system function
(So, the PCMCIA card interface of the LCD with touch panel cannot
be used to input/output the data (such as image data created using the
system or FAPT PICTURE, C executor image data, and macro
executor image data) that can be input/output only with the boot
system function.)
S I/O device external control
S C executor applicationbased memory card access function
1 Flash ATA cards are formatted using a Quick Format (by
clearing the file allocation table and the route directory in the
root directory). Use a PC to format them.
2 The first to 64th files in the root directory on the memory card
can be displayed and selected.
3 On the memory card, files only in the root directory area can
be displayed, read, and written. No subdirectory area can
be used. In addition, the name of each file on the memory
card can consist of up to 8 alphanumeric characters in
uppercase. Its extension can use up to 3 characters.
4 The read/write time varies depending on the type of memory
card and the way how it is used.
5 Files on the memory card can be erased by incorrect
operation. So, make a backup copy of them using a PC if
they are necessary.
6 Assume that functions and input/output operations are not
supported unless this manual explicitly states they are

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