Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

THE Power Mate i
The items that can be set by following the selection method explained
above are listed below.
Primary Secondary
Tertiary and
Normal condition
When completing setting and maintenance operation, be sure to set the rotary switch to this position. When
1 is selected as the primary selection with the rotary switch at powerup, the CRT/MDI is normally connected
if connection to a setting/display unit other than the CRT/MDI (including LCD/MDI and PDP/MDI) is not set.
When the HSSB board is connected to the Power Mate i, connection to the personal computer or PANEL i is
set up by HSSB.
Setting for connection to a special setting/display unit
D Initially, the CRT/MDI or LCD/MDI is selected as the setting/display unit.
D By setting this item, the setting/display unit explained below can be connected.
D Two or more items can be selected from items 1 to 4 shown below. If an error occurs because of, for
example, unrecognizable hardware, the error character (j) appears. To cancel selected numbers, select
0. Then, the selected numbers are all canceled. Selected numbers are maintained even after the power
is turned off.
Cancels settings. (All the numbers selected as explained below are canceled.) Default
Switching between HSSB synchronization/nonsynchronization
The Power Mate starts asynchronously regardless of the PC status even when the HSSB board
is connected.
Connection to the handy operators panel
To connect the handy operators panel, set this number. Then, the CRT/MDI or LCD/MDI can
no longer be connected.
Use of the DPL/MDI operation package (for boot operation) on RS232C channel 2
D Set this number only when the system cannot start normally, and boot operation or memory
clear operation must be performed using the DPL/MDI operation package.
D When using the DPL/MDI operation package (for boot operation
) while the system can starts
normally, see Appendix F.4.2, and make settings in normal operation.
D This setting is maintained even after the power is turned off. When this setting needs to be
cleared, clear the setting by following the procedure explained in Appendix F.4.2 after
system starts.
D When 4 is selected in the secondary selection, selecting this number in the tertiary selection
or subsequent selection operation results in an error.
Setting a device number for the display link sharing function
D One to 16 Power Mate units can be connected to one setting and display unit corresponding display link.
For each Power Mate, a device number is set. Selecting multiple items is not permitted. The selected item
is maintained even after the power is turned off.
Sets the device number of this Power Mate i to #0 in the display link sharing function. (Default)
Sets the device number of this Power Mate i to #1 in the display link sharing function.

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