Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

(1)Description of the diagnosis screen
For details of a diagnosis number other than below, refer to the
operators manual.
Diagnosis number Unit
800 Relative coordinates Least input increment
801 Skip position Least input increment
802 Remaining travel distance Least input increment/2
803 Accumulated acceleration/deceleration Least input increment
804 End point position of the previous block Least input increment/2
810 Current program number
811 Current sequence number
820 G code in group 01
821 G code in group 02
822 G code in group 03
823 G code in group 04
824 G code in group 05
825 G code in group 06
827 G code in group 10
830 Current F code 0.001 mm/min
0.00001 inch/min
(For a command without
the decimal point
1 mm/min
0.01 inch/min)
831 Actual feedrate mm/min, deg/min
0.01 inch/min
832 Actual spindle speed rpm
833 Value input by the analog input function
to which compensation is added 10mv
840 Number of registered programs Number of programs
841 Number of used programs Number of characters
850 ROM series number of the NC system
851 ROM edition of the NC system

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