Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

The slave is the generic name of a servo amplifier or pulse module
connected to the CNC via an FSSB optical cable. The numbers from 1
to 10 are assigned to the slaves in ascending order; a younger number is
assigned to a slave that is closer to the CNC. A 2axis amplifier consists
of two slaves, and a 3axis amplifier consists of three slaves. Set each of
the parameters as described below according to which of the three cases
is applicable: the slave is an amplifier, the slave is a pulse module, or there
is no slave.
` When the slave is an amplifier:
Set a value obtained by subtracting 1 from the setting of parameter No.
1023 for the axis to which the amplifier is assigned.
` When the slave is a pulse module:
S For the first pulse module (closest to the CNC), set 16.
S For the second pulse module (farthest from the CNC), set 48.
` When there is no slave:
Set 40.
These parameters are automatically set by data input on the FSSB setting
screen when the FSSB setting mode is the automatic setting mode (when
bit 0 of parameter No. 1902 = 0). When the manual setting 2 mode is used
(when bit 0 of parameter No. 1902 = 1), be sure to enter necessary data

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