Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

If any error occurs, the warning message, such as I/O WRITE ERROR
nnnn, I/O READ ERROR nnnn and so on, is displayed according to
the operation to be executed.
nnnn in warning message means the error code of a memory card
mentioned above.
The meanings of messages displayed on the screen are as follows.
Table I.6.2.3(a) Message list
Message Meaning
Insert a memory card. A memory card is not inserted.
This memory card cannot be used. The device information is not recorded in the attribute memory area.
Format a memory card. This memory card is not formatted. Use after formatting.
This file cannot be used. The format or extender of the loaded file is not correct. Or the data recorded in the
memory card is not fitted to the memory capacity of CNC.
Exchange a memory card. Exchange a memory card for another one.
File system error nnn An error occurs in the procedure of the file system. nnn means an error code of the file
Go into emergency stop state. Saving is permitted only in emergency stop state.
Prohibit writing. In case of saving: Protect switch of memory card is not released.
Low voltage The voltage of the battery of a memory card is low. Exchange a battery for new one.
Device is busy. The other user uses a memory card. Or, the device can not be used because automatic
operation is executing.
SRAM MEMORY CARD? Confirming message in case of saving
Delete? Confirming message in case of deleting
Format? Confirming message in case of formatting
Saving now. Saving operation is executing.
Deleting now. Deleting operation is executing.
Formatting now. A memory card is being formatted.
Complete Saving procedure has been completed.
Push RESET key Push RESET key.
Turn off power Turn off power. Then turn on power again.
TPANEL MCARDCOM ERROR Communication with a memory card on touch panel is failed.
Error message during
the operation on PMC
Message during the
operation on ALL I/O
screen or memory card
directory display

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