Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

CNC initializing operation, 658
CNC maintenance screen, 661
CNC/PMC maintenance screen and operation of virtual MDI
keyboard, 661
Configuration display of software, 21
Configuration of PCBs, 23
Configuration of printed circuit board and LED display, 123
Configuration of the control unit, 117
Configuration of the unit, 117
Confirming the parameters required for data input/output, 236
Connecting the signal ground terminal of the control unit, 227
Connection of memory card, 531
Connector locations on the control unit, 118
Contents displayed, 51
Control unit, 159
Cooling fans, 165
Copying SRAM data into the builtin FROM of the Power Mate
i, 545
Corrective action for failures, 398
Correspondence between operation mode and parameters on
spindle tuning screen, 390
Corresponding software versions, 535, 539
Counter measure against a trouble on LCD with touch panel,
CRT control printedcircuit board, 150
Current position screen, 586
Custom macro variable, 599
Cycle start LED signal has turned off, 424
Data backup, 543
Data backup onto a floppy disk using the handy file, 545
Data display and setting screens and operation methods, 586
Data in the Power Mate i, 544
Data input/output on the ALL IO screen, 249
Data input/output using a memory card, 269, 669
Detachable LCD/MDI type B fuse, 190
DetachableLCD/MDI fuse, 190
DeviceNet board (B), 140
Diagnosis function, 604
Diagnosis information screen, 654
Digital servo, 363
Disconnection of memory card, 531
Display and operation, 1
Display link adapter, 142
Display method, 23, 48, 287, 385
Display unit sharing, 668
Displaying diagnostic page, 51
Displaying servo tuning screen, 374
Distributed I/O setting, 216
Dogless reference position setting, 379
DRAM module, 127
Editing ladder mnemonics, 309
Editing sequence program (EDIT), 309
Emergency stop cannot be released from handy operators
panel, 463
Environmental requirements, 219
Error codes and alarm message, 616
Error message during the operation on PMC screen, 672
Error message during the read/punch operation by softkey,
Error messages (for ladder mnemonics editing), 314
Error messages and required actions, 523
Errorlist, 317
Ethernet board, 136
Execution period of PMC, 285
Expansion unit of the analog servo interface unit, 147
Expansion unit of the separate detector interface unit, 149
External I/O cards D and E, 153
Factoryset maintenance information, 85
Fan connection printedcircuit board, 128
Fan unit configuration, 121
FANUC I/O LinkII slave board, 130
FANUC twobyte character code table, 107
File operation with a flash memory card, 528
File transfer and printing function, 609
FLnet board, 138
Flash ATA card specification, 535, 539
Flash ATA cards that have proved to be operable on the Power
Mate iD/H, 536
FSSB alarms, 460
FSSB data display, 642
FSSB I/O module, 192
FSSB I/O module basic unit, 144
FSSB I/O module expansion unit, 145
FSSB startup procedure/materials, 618
Full screen display, 666
Function keys and soft keys, 2
Functions supported on various cards, 537
Fuse for 7.2 LCD, 189
Fuse for the LCD with Touch Panel, 191
General of interface, 280

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