Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

Ground, 226
Handle operation cannot be done, 412
Hardware, 113
Heat dissipated by each unit, 222
Help function, 48
Highspeed serial bus (HSSB) board, 132
I /O module for operators panel, 195
I/O Link connection unit, 142
I/O module for connector panel, 155
I/O module for operators panel, 156
If it is definitely impossible to start the controller, 22
Indication in alarm condition, 549
Information about other 7segment LED indications, 552
Initial setting servo parameters, 364
Input and output of data, 232
Input/output ladder/PMCparameter by DPL/MDI, 316
Inputting and outputting floppy files, 258
Inputting and outputting offset data, 256
Inputting and outputting parameters, 255
Inputting and outputting programs, 251
Inputting and outputting the operation history data, 41
Inputting CNC parameters, 243
Inputting custom macro variable values, 245
Inputting part programs, 246
Inputting pitch error compensation amount, 244
Inputting PMC ladder, 247
Inputting PMC parameters, 243
Inputting tool compensation amount, 246
Inputting/outputting data, 236
Installing the DPL/MDI operation package, 566
Interface between NC and PMC, 279
Interface unit for handy machine operators panel, 157
Investigating the conditions under which failure occurred, 398
JOG operation cannot be done, 409
Key configuration of DPL/MDI, 17
LCD with touch Panel, 151
LCD with touch panel, 214
LCD/MDI fuse, 189
LEDs and switches on the control units, 119
List of alarm codes (CNC), 470
List of alarms (PMC), 488
List of initializing operation, 660
List of maintenance parts, 501
List of operations (Power Mate i main unit), 78
List of operations (setting and display unit (CRT, PDP, LCD,
handy operators panel, and LCD with touch panel)), 67
List of operations (setting and display unit (DPI/MDI)), 74
List of signals by each mode, 321
List of units and printed circuit boards, 159
LOAD BASIC SYSTEM function, 521
Maintenance information input/output, 85
Maintenance information screen, 82
Maintenance of control software, 654
Maintenance operation at poweron, 656
Maintenance operation of display unit with touch panel, 650
Maintenance procedures, 567
Maintenance using a notebook personal computer, 562
Maintenance with display link typed touch panel, 646
Manual setting 1, 635
Manual setting 2, 628
Memory card capacity, 528
MEMORY CARD FILE DELETE screen, 519, 581
MEMORY CARD FORMAT function, 520
Memory card formatting, 528
Memory card operators manual, 526
Memory card output, 263
Memory cards usable on the LCD with touch panel, 539
Memory display (M.SRCH), 296
Memory module, 126
Message, 671
Message during the operation on ALL I/O screen or memory
card directory display, 672
Method A of gear change (parameter 3705#2=0), 384
Method B of gear change (parameter 3705#2=1), 384
Method for dismounting the fan unit, 165
Method for mounting the fan unit, 166
Method for replacing fans, 167
Methods for dismounting and mounting fan units and fans, 165
Methods for dismounting and mounting printedcircuit boards,

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