Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

- 9 -
Do not disassemble the spindle. Particularly, the rotor of a synchronous built-in spindle motor (B
S Series)
uses strong permanent magnets. The strong magnet force may cause injury or medical appliance
Do not operate a synchronous built-in spindle motor with an external engine. Doing so is very dangerous
because it makes the motor act as a power generator, generating high voltage. A power outage is also
dangerous because the motor runs freely and, again, generates high voltage. As a safety precaution, a sub
module SM (SSM) is connected between motor and amplifier. Do not disconnect the SSM under any
circumstances. Also, connect the machine frame to the ground to prevent electric shock.
A synchronous built-in spindle motor may perform a pole position detection operation when it receives the
first rotation command after it is powered on or recovers from an alarm. The pole position detection operation
takes 20 to 60 seconds to complete, during which the spindle behaves oddly, e.g., rotating clockwise and
counterclockwise alternately in rapid succession. This phenomenon is not abnormal. During the detection
operation, do not touch or look down at the spindle, which is a dangerous act.
Performing a test run described in Chapter 3, "TEST RUN METHOD", in Part IV, of "FANUC - NSK
SPINDLE UNIT series DESCRIPTIONS (B-65352)" and the inspection and maintenance work described in
this manual is the condition for guaranteeing the operation of the FANUC-NSK spindle unit. Be sure to
perform the test run and inspection and maintenance work as instructed. Routine inspection of the FANUC-NSK spindle unit
Perform the following routine inspections every day at the start of operation so that stable performance can be obtained from the
Item Check
1 Check if the axis, when turned manually, rotates lightly and smoothly.
WARNING When turning the axis manually, be sure to turn off the power to the machine.
2 Check if cuttings and coolant residuals are attached to the periphery of a slinger.
3 Check if dust such as cuttings is attached to the spindle taper portion.
4 For operation at 15,000 min
or more immediately after power-up, increase the speed gradually
by using the spindle override function. (This substitutes for a simple test run.)
5 Check if an abnormal sound is generated.
6 Check if an abnormal vibration is generated.
7 Check if an abnormal heat is generated. Maintenance of the FANUC-NSK spindle unit
A FANUC-NSK spindle unit with a grease unit requires periodical maintenance for consumable/wear parts, such as supplying
grease. Depending on the use frequency of and damage to parts, maintenance generally becomes necessary after two years of
machine operation or 10,000 hours of spindle operation. Contact FANUC or the machine tool builder when maintenance
becomes necessary. Also, an effective way to reduce the machine down time due to maintenance is to prepare spare parts;
consult with the machine tool builder. Test run of the FANUC-NSK spindle unit
If any of the following cases applies, be sure to contact the machine tool builder and perform a test run as described in Chapter
- If the spindle unit is rotated for the first time after it is unpacked or attached to the machine
- If the machine or spindle unit has undergone transportation or relocation
- If the spindle unit alone has been stored for a period longer than six months or has not been used for one month or more
after installation

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