Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

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FANUC assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the failure to perform a
test run or improper use of the spindle unit. Storage method of the FANUC-NSK spindle unit
Apply rust-proof oil to the surface of the spindle unit, pack the spindle unit, and store the packed spindle unit at a location that
satisfies the conditions described below. Also, follow the "This Side Up" and "No Pile Up" instructions indicated on the pack
- Indoor well ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight (place where the temperature varies little, the room temperature is
within 5°C to 40°C, and the humidity is 35% to 85% RH)
- Place on the shelf subject to little vibration and dust (Do not place the spindle unit directly on the floor; vibration and dust
can damage the bearing or other parts of the spindle.)
Before using the spindle unit after a storage period of one month or more, make necessary checks, such as measuring winding
and insulation resistance, examining the appearance for rust and other problems, and checking whether the axis can be turned
manually. Depending on the storage period, a test run may be necessary (described earlier).
1.2.4 Preventive Maintenance of a Linear Motor
The magnet plate of a linear motor contains very strong magnets. When performing the maintenance work, make sure all those
engaged in the work fully understand the potential risks involved.
The FANUC linear motors use very strong magnets. Improper handling of the motor is very dangerous and
can lead to a serious accident. Particularly, a person wearing a pacemaker or other medical apparatus
should stay away from the linear motor; otherwise, the apparatus may malfunction, potentially resulting in a
life-threatening accident.
Those who will come near or touch a linear motor for maintenance work should receive safety education in
advance. For details, contact the machine tool builder or FANUC. Appearance inspection of the linear motor (magnet plate)
Perform an appearance inspection as well during cleaning or other maintenance work. A crack, chip, deformation, or any other
abnormality in appearance of the motor can lead to a serious failure in the not-so-distant future. If you find any such abnormality,
be sure to report it to the machine tool builder. A scratch or other slight scar on the motor surface can also be a sign of future
trouble and needs to be addressed with care. Some suggested appearance inspection items for the magnet plate are described
* For the coil slider (the side to which the power line is connected), see "Main inspection items" earlier in this manual.
Appearance of the magnet plate (which may have a stainless cover)
Appearance inspection item Measure
Crack or chip in the magnet plate resin
Deformation or bulge of the magnet plate or
softening of the resin
The magnet plate needs to be replaced. If unattended, it can
cause trouble in the not-so-distant future. If the problem is
extremely minor, consult with the machine tool builder or FANUC.
The magnet is exposed, or the resin or
magnet is floating
The magnet plate needs to be replaced urgently.
Scratch on the magnet plate
Foreign matter may have entered into the motor, or interference
between parts is likely. It is necessary to eliminate the cause and
take a measure to prevent recurrence.
Floating, bulging, or deformed stainless
The cover or magnet plate needs to be replaced.

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