Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

- 14 -
(3)-2 Feedback cable plugging procedure
Plug in the feedback cable connector, as instructed in the procedure
below, and check that the connector is securely connected.
<1> Check the plugging side and key direction.
Check that the plugging side is free of foreign matter, such as dirt
and oil.
<2> Plug in the feedback cable connector.
Hold the connector, as shown in the figure at right. Plug in
the connector until you hear a click.
<3> Check the connection condition.
1. Check that the arrow mark of the connector is at the
center, as shown in the figure at right. If the arrow
mark is not at the center, turn the coupling nut
manually until the mark comes to the appropriate
2. Hold the connector by the same part as in <2>, and pull it lightly toward you to check that the connector does not come
off. Do not pull the connector with force.
(4) If troubleshooting is difficult for the user
If the problem is difficult for the user to troubleshoot because it is due to a detector failure or noise, consult with the machine
tool builder or FANUC. Maintenance of βiS motor Pulsecoders
Problems concerning the Pulsecoders of the motors listed in the table below require the maintenance
(replacement) of the entire motor
(it is not possible to maintain the Pulsecoder alone).
Motor model Motor specification Remarks
βiS 0.2/5000
βiS 0.3/5000
βiS 0.4/5000
βiS 0.5/6000
βiS 1/6000
x=1,2,4,5 y=0,1
Main key
Coupling nut
Straight type
Right angle type
Do not hold the coupling nut.

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