Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

- 16 -
- When pressing the emergency stop button, check that the motor stops immediately and that the power being supplied to
the amplifier is shut off by the magnetic contactor.
Notes on alarms
- If the machine stops due to an alarm, check the alarm number. Depending on the alarm issued, if the power is supplied
without replacing the failed component, another component may be damaged, making it difficult to identify the original
cause of the alarm.
- Before resetting an alarm, ensure that the original cause of the alarm has been removed.
If the motor causes any abnormal noise or vibration while operating, stop it immediately.
- Using the motor in spite of the abnormal noise or vibration may damage the servo amplifier.
Do not disassemble or modify a servo amplifier.
Do not disassemble or modify a servo amplifier in any way not specified by FANUC; doing so can lead to a failure.
Notes on servo amplifier replacement and wiring
- The work of servo amplifier replacement and wiring should be carried out by a person trained in the maintenance of the
machine and equipment concerned.
- When replacing a servo amplifier, check that the combination of the amplifier and the motor is appropriate.
- Check that the servo amplifier is securely mounted on the power magnetics cabinet. If there is any clearance between
the power magnetics cabinet and the surface on which the amplifier is mounted, dust entering the gap may hinder the
normal operation of the servo amplifier.
- Ensure that the power supply lines, motor power lines, and signal lines are each connected to the correct terminal or
- Unless otherwise instructed, do not unplug a connector and plug it back with the power on; doing so may cause the
servo amplifier to fail.
- When mounting or unmounting the servo amplifier, exercise care not to get your fingers caught between the servo
amplifier and power magnetics cabinet.
- Take care not to lose track of removed screws. Turning on the power with any lost screw left in the unit may damage
the machine.
- Exercise care to prevent the power supply lines and motor power lines from being connected to the ground or being
- Protect the lines from any stress such as bending. Handle the line ends appropriately.
Be careful about the handling of a servo amplifier.
- Do not disassemble a servo amplifier. Doing so poses the risk of electric shock, because the capacitor may remain
- Do not apply shock to a servo amplifier. Doing so may damage its components, potentially causing the amplifier to
- Do not apply an excessively large force to plastic parts. If a plastic section breaks, it may damage internal parts, thus
hindering normal operation or leading to a risk of injury due to a broken section.
Be careful about the operating environment of a servo amplifier.
- Prevent conductive, combustible, or corrosive foreign matter, mist, or drops of water from entering the inside of the
unit. The entry of any such material may cause the unit to explode, break, malfunction, etc.
- Exercise care to prevent cutting fluid, oil mist, cutting chips, or other foreign matter from attaching to the radiator or
fan motor exposed to the outside of the power magnetics cabinet. Otherwise, the servo amplifier may become unable to
meet its specifications. The service lives of the fan motor and semiconductors can also be reduced.
Clean the heat sink and fan motor on a regular basis.
- Replace the filter of the power magnetics cabinet on a regular basis.
- Before cleaning the heat sink, shut down the power and ensure that the temperature of the heat sink is as cool as the
room temperature. The heat sink is very hot immediately after power shutdown, touching it may cause burn injury.
- When cleaning the heat sink by blowing air, be careful about dust scattering. Conductive dust attached to the servo
amplifier or its peripheral equipment can lead to a failure.

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