Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

- 21 -
[βi SV series] Replacement of a fan motor
[αi series]
(1) Fan motor for internal cooling
Replace the internal fan motor, according to the procedure shown in the figure below.
When replacing the fan motor, be careful about the direction of the fan motor (air blow direction), the direction of the
connector, etc.
ir blow direction
Fan unit
(1) Hold the two tabs
and get the fan unit
off the latch.
Fan unit (60-mm-wide)
White Black Red
Be careful about the
connector key direction.
(2) Remove the fan
unit by pulling it
Fan unit (90-mm-wide)
Fan unit (150-mm-wide)
Be careful about the
connector key direction.
* Be careful about the fan motor and connector directions.
STATUS LED Description
None of the LEDs is on.
Control power has not been supplied, cable is faulty, or
control power circuit is defective.
The ALM LED (yellow) is on.
Alarm status
The alarm type is indicated by the character displayed.
The LINK LED (green) is on.
Communication between CNC and servo amplifier is
progressing normally.
The POWER LED (green) is on. The control power of the servo amplifier (5 V) is normal.

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