Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Maintenance Manual

830 Fcode being executed Unit: 0.001 mm/min or
0.00001 inch/min
(When no decimal point is entered, units are 1 mm/min or 0.01
831 Actual feedrate Unit: mm/min, deg/min, or
0.01 inch/min
832 Actual spindle speed Unit: rpm
833 Analog input value
added compensation Unit 10mV
840 Number of registered blocks
Unit: Blocks
841 Amount of memory used by program
Unit: Characters
850 ROM series No. of NC system
(Example) 88F1
851 ROM version No. of NC system
(Example) 01, 02, etc.
852 Operation mode
(Example) AUTO, JOG, STEP, EDIT, etc.
853 Servo system series No.
(Example) 90A0
854 Servo system version No.
(Example) 09, 10, etc.
855 PMC system series No.
(Example) 407B
855 PMC system version No.
(Example) 01, 02, etc.
857 Ladder program No.
(Example) FL01
858 Ladder program version No.
(Example) 01, 02, etc.

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