Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

Function Explanation
Multipath control
One–path mode
One–path mode
Define XY for path 1
control ON
Program for path 1
Define AB for path 2
Program for path 2
Define UV for path 3
Program for path 3
control OFF
High–speed response
function continuous feed
This function can move the tool continuously along a
selected axis in a selected direction by setting the
signal +Jn/Jn to “1” while a G135.1 block is being
executed. By setting the signal +Jn/Jn to “0” during
movement, the tool is decelerated along the specified
axis and stops. If the command is an absolute one,
the stop position is the specified coordinates; if an
incremental one, it is the position where the tool is
located when the signal is set to “0” plus the speci-
fied value. After the tool is decelerated and stops,
the block following the G135.1 block is executed.
Positioning using the
electronic cam function
This function adjusts the phase relationship between
the cam shaft and the followup axis by moving the
follow–up axis to the position of the followup axis
corresponding to the cam shaft phase at the electron-
ic cam operation start position.
Multiaxis synchroniza-
tion control
Mechanical synchro-
nization (G145)
Start–point synchroniza-
tion (G146)
These functions are used to operate an axis (syn-
chronized axis) in such a way that it follows the axis
used as a synchronization reference (synchronization
reference axis), as if the axes were joined with a ser-
vo motor and a cogwheel.
The speed ratio (gear ratio) between the axes can be
set. No matter how many rotations are performed,
their synchronization relationship will not be im-
paired. The speed ratio can be changed during op-
Parent axis
Child axis
axis 1
axis 2

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