Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

The alarm number at the diagnosis data No.896
0010 An unusable G code is specified.
0011 The feedrate was inadequate.
(1) Feedrate was not commanded to a cutting feed.
(2) Feedrate was 0.
0015 The number of the commanded axes exceeded the maximum of
simultaneously controlled axes.
0059 A specified program number was not found.This alarm occurred
when the program, which had not been compiled, was specified.
0090 The reference point return could not be done because the refer-
ence position is not established.
0213 One of the following errors occurred during synchronous opera-
tion (simple synchronous control):
(1) The motion program contains a move command for the slave
(2) The difference of position error between the master and
slave axes exceeded the value set in parameter 8313 or
0224 Reference position return has not been performed before the
operation starts. Perform reference position return when parame-
ter ZRNX (No.1005#0) is 0.
0244 In the skip function activated by the torque limit signal, the num-
ber of accumulated erroneous pulses exceed 32767 before the
signal was input.
1000 The number of the programs to be executed at the same time
was exceeded the limit.
1001 The two or more programs including the same axis were
executed at the same time.
1002 The program was broken.
1003 The program could not be executed because the program was
1010 The auxiliary function was not available. This alarm occurred at
following cases.
(1) Parameter No.8706#4 was 0.
(2) Parameter No.8745 was set the incorrect value.
(3) PMC–SB5 was specified.
1200 The feedrate was exceeded the value of the maximum cut fee-
drate (parameter No.1430).
1210 The movement value per a block was excessive.
1220 The axis which is used in the executing motion program was
synchronized with the master axis.
1231 For continuous feed, both the plus direction signal and the minus
direction signal for the same control axis were set to “1” at the
same time.

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