Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

7.7.1 Methods for dismounting and mounting the base printed
circuit board
CAUTION1 The fan unit must be removed before the base printed–circuit
board can be dismounted. If you attempt to dismount the base
printed–circuit board without removing the fan unit, both the fan
unit and base printedcircuit board may be damaged.
CAUTION2 If there is an I/O Link cable under the unit, an attempt to dis-
mount the base printedcircuit board without removing the
cable may damage the plastic case.
CAUTION3 When the base printedcircuit board is dismounted, the content
of the Power Mate SRAM memory may be lost while it is kept
dismounted. Before dismounting the base printed–circuit
board, be sure to save the content of the SRAM memory to the
built–in FROM.
CAUTION4 When dismounting and mounting the base printedcircuit board
with the battery connected, be careful not cause it to touch other
metal portions, because the battery voltage is being applied to
the printedcircuit board.
D Dismounting procedure
1) Detach all cables other than the battery cables. If there is a cable
in the lower section of the unit (on the base PCB and option board),
do not forget to detach it also. (Check that a detached connector
is labeled its connector number.)
2) Dismount the fan unit.
3) Hold the base printedcircuit board by grabbing two handles.
4) Pull out the base printedcircuit board by pushing it at lower handle.
NOTE1 The battery is attached to the face plate of the base printed–circuit
board. It is pulled out together with the base printedcircuit board.
NOTE2 The base printedcircuit board can be dismounted without remov-
ing option boards; cables attached to the option boards must be
dismounted, however.
D Mounting procedure
1) Hold the base printedcircuit board by grabbing two handles, and
insert it into the rack all the way through, then engage it with the
backpanel connector.
2) Place the fan unit back into the previous location.
3) Attach the cables detached before, correctly.
4) Switch on the power, and make sure that the printedcircuit board
operates normally.

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