Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

7.7.3 Mounting and demounting DIMM modules
CAUTION1 To remove the axis control card and CPU card, it is necessary
to remove the base printedcircuit board in advance. Carefully
observe the CAUTION described in Subsection7.7.1.
CAUTION2 The memory module contains a batterybacked SRAM. An at-
tempt to dismount and mount the memory module causes the
content of the SRAM to be lost. Do not forget to make a back–up
copy of the latest SRAM data into a memory card or Handy File
before dismounting the memory module. It is recommended
that the SRAM data also be backed up into the builtin FROM
of the Power Mate.
CAUTION3 Replacing the memory module with the battery voltage applied
to it may damage the memory module and battery. If you want
to dismount and mount the memory module, be sure to remove
the battery before attempting to dismount the base printed–cir-
cuit board.
CAUTION4 The FROM on the memory module contains many types of sys-
tem software. When replacing the memory module, make sure
that the functions stored in the FROM are of the same version
as before the replacement or of a later version. Otherwise,
some of the functions may become unavailable.
CAUTION5 Be careful not to touch the pins of the DIMM module.
D Demounting a DIMM module
1) Open the claw of the socket outward.
2) Extract the module slantly upward.
D Mounting a DIMM module
1) Insert the module slantly into the module socket, with side B facing
2) Push the module downward until it is locked.

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