Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

7.7.4 Methods for dismounting and mounting the option board
D Dismounting procedure
1) To pull out the option board, first detach any interfering cable.
(Make sure that the detached cable is labeled the number of the
mating connector.)
2) Hold the option board by grabbing two handles.
3) While pushing the latch of upper handle to the right, pull out the
option board.
NOTE The option board can be dismounted without removing the base
printed–circuit board. (It is necessary to detach any interfering
cable, however.)
Only one exception is the DeviceNet board. See Maintenance
Manual (B–63175EN)
D Mounting procedure
1) Hold the option board by grabbing two handles, then insert the
option board into the rack all the way through until it snaps in the
corresponding connector on the backpanel.
2) Attach any cable detached before, correctly.
3) Switch on the power, and make sure that the option board operates

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