Fanuc Power Mate i-D/H Operation Maintenance Handbook

7.8 Battery Replacement
WARNING Using other than the recommended battery may result in the
battery exploding.
Replace the battery only with the specified battery.
7.8.1 Battery for memory backup (3 VDC)
Data should be saved to the flash memory card or floppy disk beforehand.
When replacing the memory backup battery, do so while the control unit is
turned off.
D Replacing the lithium battery
(1) Prepare a new lithium battery.
(2) Turn the machine (Power Mate i) on for about 30 seconds.
(3) Turn the machine (Power Mate i) off.
(4) Remove the old battery from the top of the Power Mate i control
First unlatch the battery, remove it from the holder, and detach its
connector. The battery holder is on top of the face plate (or the
memory connector) on the base printedcircuit board.
(5) Remove the old battery, insert a new one into the battery holder,
and attach the connector. Confirm that the battery is latched firmly.
CAUTION1 Before replacing the battery, check that a backup copy of the lat-
est SRAM memory data has been made.
CAUTION2 When replacing the battery, the power to the machine must be
off. When the power to the machine is left on, only those who
have been educated in maintenance and safety can replace
CAUTION3 Complete the battery replacement steps (3) to (5) within 30 min-
utes. If the battery is left disconnected for a long time, the con-
tents of the SRAM memory will be lost.
CAUTION4 It is recommended that the SRAM memory contents be backed
up to the builtin FROM of the Power Mate i immediately before
the battery replacement. Then, data can be easily restored in
case the memory contents are lost.
D Replacing the alkaline dry cells (size D)
(1) Prepare two new alkaline dry cells (size D).
(2) Turn the machine (Power Mate i) on.
(3) Remove the battery case cover.
(4) Replace the batteries, paying careful attention to their orientation.
(5) Replace the battery case cover.
CAUTION When replacing the dry cells while the power is off, use the same
procedure as that for lithium battery replacement procedure, de-
scribed above.

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